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Baroda Capital Markets (U) Ltd is a subsidiary of Bank of Baroda (U) Ltd. It is located within the Bank premises at Plot 18, Kampala Road, Kampala, right opposite the bank's Head office. It is a brokerage company fully licensed by the Capital Markets Authority to buy and sell shares on behalf of clients who wish to invest in companies which are listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange (USE).

Our activities are supervised and regulated by both the Uganda Securities Exchange and Capital Markets Authority in order to protect the investors' interests.

The concept of shares or the stock market in Uganda is still new and some people think the process of buying and selling shares is very complicated. Here below, I will very briefly and in a simplified way remove your fears so that you can invest and become a proud share holder in any of the companies listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange.

Clients can buy or sell shares in the above companies through Baroda Capital Markets (U) Ltd. When a client invests in one of the listed companies he / she becomes a shareholder of that particular company and earns dividends from its annual profits.

Presently trading takes place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday every week between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon. The price of shares is determined by market forces of demand and supply. A client who intends to buy shares comes to Baroda Capital Markets (U) Ltd. and fills out the required papers and also deposits the purchase funds on the account of Baroda Capital Markets (U) Ltd. After successfully trading at the Uganda Securities Exchange and complying with all other formalities, a share certificate will be issued and handed over to the client by Baroda Capital Markets (U) Ltd.

In case of a client who intends to sell his shares, he / she comes to Baroda Capital Markets (U) Ltd. with the certificate and fills out the required forms. In this case the registrar has to verify the sale transfer form before the trading takes place. After verification from the registrar, the trading takes place.

Upon successful trading at USE and after completing all other formalities like settlements by the buying broker, payment is then released to the client. A client can sell all or part of the shares.

Individuals who are above 18 years of age, limited companies, partnerships or organizations etc can invest in shares.

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